Two months later…Drama at the Lounge – Itsy part II

It seems unbelievable but over two months have passed since I started telling you about Itsy drama! What has happened? Well, more drama for our slave and much busyness. But here I am with part II of Drama at the Lounge – Itsy.

So where were we? Right, piggy Itsy was having issues with her teeth and it all turned out to be a huge abscess in her jaw. The same day Itsy went to vet and the abscess was found she had it removed under GA. More waiting and worrying for mummy (erm…slave). Itsy came home with a half shaved face and a hole in her jaw. 


Itsy recovered well but it was time to decide what to do with the second lump so off to the vets they went again and can you believe that on that day a gigantic abscess had reformed in her jaw?? Even I was gobsmacked! Surgery was booked for next day and she had her second lump removed and the abscess lanced again. It was her 3rd op under GA in just a few months.

She braved it all and did really well! This was her in a defiant position the day before the op (she is a bit scary actually, she use to eat my hair).


The diagnosis of an aggressive carcinoma remains but all we can do is wait and see how it goes and continue to love her and treat her with lovely hay, fresh veggies and some cuddles. Whatever time she has she is spending it like a queen! She still dominates and chases poor Bitsy and Dahlia around. Even though she is my annoying next door neighboor (she rumbles loudly) I kinda like her ūüôā 

Until next time,

Lola Lu 


Drama at the Lounge – Itsy Part I

There has been much drama at The Piggy Lounge my friends and I don’t even know where to begin telling you all about it (let’s take it in stages)! There is a pressing issue that affects me as the slave decided to clutter my home by adding this new girl (Fly went a bit crazy for a while but I think I’m still his fav gal!) but I will be selfless and leave my drama for another blog post. I want to tell you about Itsy and some issues she is having that is making the slave very worried and sad.

Itsy lives with Bitsy and Dahlia next door to me. She is the star of The Piggy Lounge page, appearing on the banner photo. Last month the slave detected 2 lumps on her belly¬†and decided to book her in with the vet to check it out. Apparently the majority of lumps us guinea pigs can have are totally benign, fatty lipomas,¬†but better to know than not to know. The vet decided to do an op and remove the bigger lump and send to the lab for testing. Op went well and Itsy came home however she was already starting to loose weight and after the op continued to loose weight and was not eating like normal piggies eat! (Oh, she had a fab scar, don’t you think?)

At the post-op check the vet found her molars were overgrown and her incisors were slanted so weekly visits started to burr her teeth and the slave started a syringe feeding ritual. But the weight wasn’t increasing and it was barely stabilising! Very worrying! The saddest thing was also discovered as the lab results came back and the lump was found to be a very aggressive mammary adenocarcinoma ūüė¶ Mummy cried much at ¬†the thought that time with Itsy was unknown! She is only 2 years old.

To be continued…


Supporting Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue

It wasn’t the rescue I came from but I heard Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue is a fantastic rescue based in South Wales. They take on abandoned and neglected loving piggies and find them loving forever homes! They also are involved in improving conditions for piggies and supporting other rescue¬†so truly a fab work. They are part of the Piggy Bank UK,¬†a network of approved Guinea Pig Rescues, and volunteers that wish to assist the Piggy Bank UK Rescues with hands on help during rescue and rehoming situations; providing transport assistance, temporary accommodation when needed and general rescue support.

During July and August The Piggy Lounge will be supporting the rescue by donating a chunk of the shop sales. Mummy (aka the slave) says that the rescue is currently overflown with beautiful piggies looking for a home so your help by shopping with the Lounge or adopting would be fab! Grab yourself a piggy present in the shop and support rescue!

Look at some of the piggies currently looking for a home!

To see other piggies looking for a home and to contact the rescue go to Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue website!

Lola Lu

Meet the Pigs at The Piggy Lounge

The Piggy Lounge is home to¬†myself and 7 more guinea pigs and if you stick around I’ll share the latest gossip about what is happening here. I am good with gossip so expect loads of piggy news, photos and random stories. And the occasional serious discussion of care and welfare!¬†

Lola and Fly

This is me (the fluff ball on the left) and my husboar Fly. I was adopted by the slave last year when I was surrendered to a rescue centre after my friend died and I was forgotten at the bottom of a garden. I was a bit stinky and my coat was full of matts but I look glorious now. I do not like the brush though. Fly is my second husboar. Piggy Boy Bradley was the first but we betrayed my with Edith.

Itsy, Dahlia and Bitsy

They are the original piggies from the lounge. They were bought but the slave quickly learned that was not the way to go and I guarantee they were the first and last to be bought. Itsy is a bit poorly and needed an op last week.

Clementine, Piggy Boy Bradley and Edith

Finally the trouble threesome. I was supposed to live with these 3. I lived with Piggy Boy before and the 2 ladies were merely foster piggies. They extended their welcome but Edith didn’t like me, she¬†keeps¬†harassing me. Piggy Boy fell in love with her and ditched me. They’re ok, I suppose. They are all rescue piggies.