Rosie Posie

Meet Rosie, a beautiful 5 year old girl now living at The Piggy Lounge!

In no way is Rosie a replacement for my beautiful Piggy Boy, who I lost last month. She came to me from the fantastic Hazelcroft Rescue as a companion for Alexander, a beautiful boy who I adopted earlier this year after a fostering period and who waited over 6 months to have a friend. As soon as I knew the foster would be a fail, I booked Alexander in for a castrate and started looking for a girlie to bond with him. Rosie is my favourite type of pig to adopt, the wonky type. Older and with some health issues, majority of adopters out there would just overlook her. But despite this Rosie is a very active girl, who still popcorns and runs about excited about her new life and some yummy veggies on the way. I should add that technically Rosie is not mine, she is a long term foster due to her health issues but in my eyes she is as mine as my other piggies. For Hazelcroft to manage her complicated health issues she will be available to sponsor from the rescues website in the next few days.

Do you foster “complicated” piggies?