The Piggy Lounge @ Creating Fair – 7th, 8th, 9th November – Milton Keynes

All products in this photo are handmade at the lounge.

All products in this photo are handmade at the lounge.

As some of you might know, our slave Suzy has a wee little online shop which sells piggy themed gifts to humans. Some are sourced and some are handmade by her at the lounge. I am proud to say The Piggy Lounge will be present at the above event to hopefully sell some fab products and raise money for rescues but also to talk and meet any guinea pig lovers out there. There will also be a folder with details of piggies looking for a new home  from a couple of rescues.

It will also be the first real life appearance of The Piggy Lounge Guinea Pig Advice Leaflet, in which I feature (not on the cover, sadly!)

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If you are close to Milton Keynes or maybe passing by, come along and say Hi! (to Suzy that is, I will be at home sleeping in my fleece cozy)

Lola Lu


Two months later…Drama at the Lounge – Itsy part II

It seems unbelievable but over two months have passed since I started telling you about Itsy drama! What has happened? Well, more drama for our slave and much busyness. But here I am with part II of Drama at the Lounge – Itsy.

So where were we? Right, piggy Itsy was having issues with her teeth and it all turned out to be a huge abscess in her jaw. The same day Itsy went to vet and the abscess was found she had it removed under GA. More waiting and worrying for mummy (erm…slave). Itsy came home with a half shaved face and a hole in her jaw. 


Itsy recovered well but it was time to decide what to do with the second lump so off to the vets they went again and can you believe that on that day a gigantic abscess had reformed in her jaw?? Even I was gobsmacked! Surgery was booked for next day and she had her second lump removed and the abscess lanced again. It was her 3rd op under GA in just a few months.

She braved it all and did really well! This was her in a defiant position the day before the op (she is a bit scary actually, she use to eat my hair).


The diagnosis of an aggressive carcinoma remains but all we can do is wait and see how it goes and continue to love her and treat her with lovely hay, fresh veggies and some cuddles. Whatever time she has she is spending it like a queen! She still dominates and chases poor Bitsy and Dahlia around. Even though she is my annoying next door neighboor (she rumbles loudly) I kinda like her 🙂 

Until next time,

Lola Lu