Drama at the Lounge – Itsy Part I

There has been much drama at The Piggy Lounge my friends and I don’t even know where to begin telling you all about it (let’s take it in stages)! There is a pressing issue that affects me as the slave decided to clutter my home by adding this new girl (Fly went a bit crazy for a while but I think I’m still his fav gal!) but I will be selfless and leave my drama for another blog post. I want to tell you about Itsy and some issues she is having that is making the slave very worried and sad.

Itsy lives with Bitsy and Dahlia next door to me. She is the star of The Piggy Lounge page, appearing on the banner photo. Last month the slave detected 2 lumps on her belly and decided to book her in with the vet to check it out. Apparently the majority of lumps us guinea pigs can have are totally benign, fatty lipomas, but better to know than not to know. The vet decided to do an op and remove the bigger lump and send to the lab for testing. Op went well and Itsy came home however she was already starting to loose weight and after the op continued to loose weight and was not eating like normal piggies eat! (Oh, she had a fab scar, don’t you think?)

At the post-op check the vet found her molars were overgrown and her incisors were slanted so weekly visits started to burr her teeth and the slave started a syringe feeding ritual. But the weight wasn’t increasing and it was barely stabilising! Very worrying! The saddest thing was also discovered as the lab results came back and the lump was found to be a very aggressive mammary adenocarcinoma 😦 Mummy cried much at  the thought that time with Itsy was unknown! She is only 2 years old.

To be continued…